What is the highest ralway in the world ?

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@supunpw (574)
Sri Lanka
December 6, 2006 12:08am CST
The highest railway line in the world is in Peru. This railway line starts at Callao on the Pacific coast and climbs rapidly up the Andes mountains to La Oroya, 4816 m above sea level! As the train climbs up the mountains the air pressure falls. Many passengers feel ill and they need oxygen masks and the attention of nurses who always travel on the trains.
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@Nagareru (308)
• Peru
1 Feb 07
yeh i have traveled on that train... the travel is the best thing coz it doesnt goes slow.. but it doesnt goes fast... you can see the views all over peru with that train and whenn you cross the railway bridge above that high risk u get so frikin scared xD coz its ver very old... and the risk is too high... but it is secure they check it ..-_-... well the tour train departs on the "old" train station of "Desamparados", behind the "Palacio de Gobierno" on the central Lima.