Favourite Dane Cook Quote?

December 6, 2006 3:01am CST
Whats your favourite Dane Cook quote? "I don't know if your ever got'n this. It was about two thirty in the afternoon; I got the itchyest a**hole in record!"
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11 Aug 07
I'm gonna say this, that is not the best quote ever by him. And right now I know you're thinking tell me, tell me now wat the best ever was. Here it is, no questions asked. "Someone sh*t on the coats!"
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24 May 07
"Gaylord" "I had to wear a tampon just to fit in"
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11 Mar 07
"we're all gonna lie, we're all gonna cry... and we're all gonna take painful s**t's"
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8 Feb 07
"I say f*** shoes...haha...this guy, shoes" or..."I'm a riot?!?! ur a f***** riot!"
@Berg1010 (208)
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7 Dec 06
Oh wow hes got so many great one liners for people to use, but i think that my favroite one if i could grant you one wish what would that wish be!! id like to shoot a laser outta my C**K,... thats great!!!