Extreme upper, middle back pain, with neck pain...

June 14, 2006 11:48am CST
My family doctor referred me to a Neurologist for my back pain. I had numerous tests done, and all of the results were normal. I have a mild case of neurofibromatosis, but the neurologist says that is not causing any of my pain. He referred me to Physical therapy, and my 1st appointment is tomorrow, although he did not prescribe me any medication. I was just wondering is there is another type of doctor I should be seeing about the pain, or should I just be satisfied with the physical thereapy?
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14 Jun 06
I think that is unusual for him to not have prescribed you any medication but I think if you continue having the same problems I would ask your physician about going to another doctor but I would have thought that if there were any major problems the neurologist's test would have shown something but I would go back to your doctor and have him refer you to someone else.
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21 Nov 06
I know it's been a while since this was posted, but I'll add my two cents worth anyway. I also think that it is rare to not receive any medications, and I believe an orthopedist should be involved. An orthopedist (at least the ones I know) would never let you walk out the door without prescriptions for problems such as these. I also would continue with physical therapy.
@rk19bh (508)
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16 Nov 06
You have mentioned that you have mild neurofibromatosis, I have giving you some more information on that: Under this heading are grouped two distinct hereditary disorders, formerly labeled peripheral and central neurofibromatosis, but now entitled neurofibromatosis type 1 and type 2. Type 1 (peripheral) neurofibromatosis, [MIM*162200] by far the most common of the two types, is characterized clinically by the combination of patches of hyperpigmentation and cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors. The hyperpigmented skin areas, present from birth and found anywhere on the body surface, can vary markedly in size and color—the dark brown ones are called café-au-lait spots. The multiple cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors, nerve sheath neoplasms, called neurofibromas, can develop anywhere along the peripheral nerve fibers, from the roots distally. Neurofibromas can become quite large, causing a major disfigurement, eroding bone, and compressing various peripheral nerve structures; a small hamartoma (Lisch nodule) can be found in the iris of almost all patients. Type 1 neurofibromatosis, also called von Recklinghausen disease, has autosomal dominant inheritance, with the gene locus on chromosome 17q11, and is caused by mutation in the NF1 gene that encodes neurofibromin. Type 2 (central) neurofibromatosis [MIM*101000] has few cutaneous manifestations, and consists primarily of bilateral (less often, unilateral) acoustic neuromas, causing deafness, often accompanied by other intracranial and paraspinal neoplasms, such as meningiomas and gliomas. Type 2 neurofibromatosis also has autosomal dominant inheritance, but the gene locus is on 22q11, caused by mutation in the NF2 gene encoding the product merlin.
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9 Mar 08
Have you tried a chiropractor? They specialize in back pain. I would normally suggest a low-impact chiropractor because there is very little risk with low-impact chiropractors but if your pain is extreme you may require high-impact chiropractic work. Look for chiropractors in your area and ask others who have tried them. High-impact chiropractic work poses some risk but if you are in a lot of pain it may be worth it.
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21 Nov 06
I went threw this when i first was hurt at work..have you had a DISCOGRAM yet?? that was the last and final test that i had that found exactluy what was wrong with me,,im just curious..and of course u had an MRI And CAT as well...?????and persoanlly you shoudl be on medicatin for your pain..if i was you.. i would DEFFFF get a second opinion..or even a third or 4th if u have to,,untill they find whats wrong..there npot the ones in pain...YOU ARE...good luck and take care!!oh ps..noo dpont be satisfied with therepy..I had it for 4 yrs and it didnt help,,maybe 30% but then again..ive had 3 back surgeriesd and am disabked now:( but your case may be different..
@aquarian83 (1944)
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18 Oct 06
u need to continue with physiacl therapy... its gr8 to have such caring children... did u get mris and ct scans done??