Finding a place to rent when you have a pet.. especially a pitbull.

United States
December 6, 2006 11:07am CST
Has anyone else had a problem trying to find a place to rent because they either have an animal in general or more specially a dog breed, like a pitbull, that is not allowed. I can understand when someone is renting and they say "no pets". Being a pet owner I know that "accidents" happen and that many breeds (cat or dog) shed. I thing that really bothers me is when I call up a place that states "pets ok" and I find out either they can't be over 25 lbs. (Which I think is stupid anyway) or they ask what breed. I am not ashamed to be a pitbull owner but when it comes down to it I need a place to live and I've been very tempted to lie about what breed my dog is. When I first got my pit, Bella, I did not know the apartment complex I lived in didn't allow pits (even though I knew several in the complex were already there). I received a notice on my door stating that a neighbor thought I had a pit and feared for her safety. It stated that if I did have a pit I would either have to give her away or move. At the time she was only about 8 weeks old and I called them stating that she was a "beagle/jack russel mix" just to pacify them until I could find another place. Now that she is full grown and a well mannered dog I get really mad when people say they won't rent to a pitbull owner. Some of my friends who have pits even told me they called their pitties "American Bulldogs" because thier insurance on their homes would be 3 times as much. Why should we feel we have to lie about our dogs just to have a roof over our heads? With all the new BSL laws are they going to be run out of the country? Does anyone else agree with me on this? Please let me know your opinions.
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• Portugal
17 Dec 06
so you have very big problems to find a nice place to your dog =/ what can we do? Isn´t easy, why don´t you talk with a friend? maybe one can help you and stay with the dog and you can see he when you want, what do you think about that? regards.
@polachicago (19073)
• United States
6 Dec 06
just say that your dog is mixed witout additional info. also check on Internet. I am sure there is database with apartments for pet owners.