@chaitu33 (815)
December 6, 2006 2:17pm CST
we know that many people are suffering even we directly or indirectly from pollution. so suggest some ways to control pollution and try to avoid giving same solution as above person has given
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@pusibaba (1010)
• India
6 Dec 06
WITH an increasingly short supply of oil, it will be inevitable that the traditional internal combustion engine will be redesigned to not only save fuel but also reduce air pollution from cars. Although the technology of the internal combustion engine in China lags nearly 20 years behind that of developed countries, the gap in cars that are more environmentally sound, such as electric ones, is smaller. The following are some examples of what other countries have done with respect to environmental protection. Singapore There's a reason Singapore has few traffic jams. Ten years ago the island nation implemented regulations in downtown areas that prohibit drivers who have not paid certain road fees. An automatic charging system monitors traffic and records car license plate numbers and times so as to calculate a road fee the car owner must pay. Germany Germany has a policy which gives tax cuts to owners whose cars meet the emission standards of the German III Standard. Tax breaks range from US$127 to US$600 if a car reaches the IV standard. Such measures are an incentive for consumers and manufacturers alike to focus more on environmental protection. Britain A survey conducted by the British Automobile Association indicates that exhaust emission from the 23 million cars within UK borders was lower than that from its 500,000 buses and trucks. Officials from the Ministry of Transport want heavy vehicles to also be held to the same low exhaust emission standards as cars. Various measures have been taken to limit the number of cars on the road, thus reducing air pollution, by raising parking fees and abolishing free parking lots at big companies and public places in the city proper. Japan Low-pollution cars have been promoted in the Japanese market since the end of 1997 in response to the greenhouse effect. The number of such vehicles on the road has reached 9,000, with 3,726 utilizing a combination of petrol and electricity and 2,700 with fully electric motors. These newer hybrid cars offer the same level of engine performance as conventional ones and can go up to 2,000 kilometres without being recharged.
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• United States
18 Oct
The problem with pollutants is that most people don't even know what constitutes a 'deadly' concoction as people use pesticides on their home gardens, inhalers for their uncontrolled asthma or other breathing difficulties, throwing away old expired medications into a public water system, buying stuff that is NOT recyclable by any means and drinking water from bottled sources rather than just buying filters for their own home tap water or well water systems. there are lots of things us humans can do to fix the emissions of pollutants, but we just have to learn and remember what those things are
• India
6 Jan 07
in order to avoid pollution we should prefer vehicals run through gas.so that we can decrese pollution.but we may have gas scarcity.if we want one we should lose one.