Robbery Reaction Plan

@sonix007 (275)
December 6, 2006 4:45pm CST
By definition, a robbery involves some physical force or threat of force, whether it is with a weapon or not. Since robberies occur quickly, it is helpful to establish a plan to follow in the event of a robbery. Robbery Reaction Plan Cooperate with the robber and do not jeopardize personal safety. Try to alert other employees, possibly through a predetermined signal. Identifying a robber can help in their apprehension, so try to remain calm and make note of: o Physical characteristics - their height (markers at the door can help), race, age, build, hair, etc. o Method of operation - weapon used, escape route, accomplices. Because of the stress involved, it will help to immediately write down details of the event. Notify the police immediately. Do not discuss the events with anyone until the police arrive, so the information is not confused. Protect the scene of the crime, lock the doors and do not let anyone enter or exit until the police arrive. So, be careful with this robbery.ANyone have any idea for protecting from robbey?
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