Why are people so potty over potter......Harry Potter

Potty Over Potter - Harry has taken the world in his magical spells
United States
December 6, 2006 5:25pm CST
We are all familiar with his name and so is his game.He enchants us in his magical spells and captivates our hearts by his innocent looks.Yes Mr.Potter we are talking about you... Have you all ever wondered why are we all so crazy over Mr Potter...
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• India
7 Dec 06
harry potter or daniel radcliffe is so smart and handsome that whoever watches the movie once becomes his greatest fan..... he is so cute in the 1st part that u will feel watching the movie more than once...... on my part i considfer mysely one of his greatest fan...... i have read his books some 50 times and am still not bored with it......... HARRY is the best......
@jricbt (1454)
• Brazil
7 Dec 06
Many reasons, kids love it, some religious people thinks that the books promote witchcraft(they donĀ“t I read all 6). The books managed to obtain a huge following, some people envy that. These kind of things.
@neilf49 (809)
6 Dec 06
My kids got me into Harry Potter, they wanted the books and to see the films. I wasn't sure at first, seemed sinister a young wizard encountering many adventures mand understood the arguements that were against this sort of writing. However, I am open minded and went along to see the first film .... wow!!! The effects were out of this world, dare I say magical? So I was hooked on the film. Next it came to reading the books and I have to hand it to JK Rowling, she has a way of writing that is spellbinding. I don't think you get this type of story book coming along very often, I remember reading Enid Blyton as a youngster - Famous Five etc, and also the Jennings books, I think they were probably the equivalent of their time.
6 Dec 06
If I had read them when I was nine I know I would have been obsessed with the Harry Potter books too. They have elements from lots of other popular children's books which I used to love. The magic sweets and comedy characters are straight out of Roald Dahl. The boarding school setting is pure Enid Blyton. The magical supernatural elements are reminiscent of C.S Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. It's a brilliant synthesis of many other children's books that had previously been successful, but there's nothing *original* there. So while I understand why it would appeal to children, the fascination it holds for so many adults is a mystery to me.