We Don't Exist..... or Do we?

December 6, 2006 9:35pm CST
This is my summary of a bunch of theories and stuff. I think the universe is a very complicated thing. People often describe it as a vaccuum, but I don't get that analagy. How the hell is it a vaccuum? I don't see the universe cleaning up my room. Wanna know how i see the universe? I see it the way "the sims" see the inside of my harddrive. They're not programmed to even know what they're made of. But what if we created a game (like the sims) 20 years from now? Our technology has improved so much that a program like that may have the ability to evolve. We will surely create some sort of A.I. in the future. Will the A.I. realize it's exssitance is only inside of a computer? How is it supposed to not know? If it is self-aware, requires (albiet digital) food, water, sunlight, isn't it alive? That's how I see the universe. We're unable to comprehend or even imagine what is beyong the universe. This gives creedance to the theory that their his a higher being, though not as magestical as "god"... We humans have evolved a lot. It makes me wonder if our "creator" is even aware of us? Is there some uber ginormous alian in front of a weird computer screen writing the program for our anialation as we speak? Or are the the figment of it's imagination, and it is meerly dreaming us? Who knows. All I know is if the dream were to end, or we were programmed to be destroyed, there's obviousely nothing we could do about it. If 'the sims' knew their day was done, they could have all the technology that their little hearts desired, and there's still nothing they could do to prevent my hand -- in the real world -- from unplugging my computer. This brings up a philisophical question. Is it better to not know the truth at all, or to know the whole truth? Personally, I'm not afraid of the truth. Though it makes me wonder... If I do learn the truth, will I spontaneousely combust? For those of you who haven't stopped reading this yet, spontaneousely combusting apparantly happens to people when (correct me if I'm wrong) their little electrons stray from their normal revolution around a molecule. This doesn't stop at one molecule, it is a domino effect which causes the sudden implosian of every cell in your body. Electrons= electricity. If you're not dizzy with thought yet, let me remind you that 'the sims' are no more real than you or I because when you break it down, we're all made of electricity anyway. And apparantly our program is much mor sophistacated. What if one of the chatacters from "the sims" realized the truth? That would be kind of funny wouldn't it? But it would throw off the entire game because it would no longer have any will to play along. Easy solution: Delete the character. Or maybe it's "will" is just a program anyway. (There are theories that free will is actually an illusion... to back the thoery up, ask yourself: Have you EVER done ANYTHING for ANY OTHER REASON than to get rewarded with pleasure or to avoid pain? REALLY break it down... the absense of pain= pleasure. Curiousity= pain. .. now... does that mean your will is free?) If you're not feeling like a pre-written character to a game yet, please consider this: Scientists are also saying that our Universe has the same NATURE as both a hologram and our minds. For instince: Einstein said that no form of communication can travel faster than light. However, scientists have discovered that two points CAN communicate INSTANTLY regaurdless of their distance from eachother. Theres a name for this particular "point" and the theory... But I'm too lazy to find it for you. ... Now the way this is simular to our minds is because our mind is supposed to work in "waves" which means we collect all relevent information from an idea at the same time. Let me make this easy for you: Close your eyes and say the word "blue" in your head.*actually close your eyes and do it right now...* ............. ok. Now did you imagine the color blue or did you see water, the sky, blue paint or something else that is blue? What your mind did was gather all relevent information that came WITH the word blue, regaurdless of it's location within your mind. The association was retreived INSTANTLY, just like two points in the universe. The universe is like a hologram for the exact same reason. If you want to learn more about this, just google "universe hologram" and you'll see that I'm not 'bs'ing you. So what have we discovered here? That you and I are both no more or less real than those little guys jumping around on your computer screen. The entire universe is a hologram (more like a program written on a gigantic computer which works like the brain), and everything we think we know, including our own motives, is predetermined by a force we can't control, and when we break it down as far as possible, we're just made of electricity anyway. One more thought: If we are a program, or even a dream... Who created our creator? Are they a hologram too?*gulp* Wouldn't this mean that we are a dream within a dream? If that were the case... the ultimate dreamer at the top of the chain holds our exsistance gently in it's hand. Should they awake, then multiple layers of trillions of years of evolution would instantly blink out of exsistance. If you've read this far, and you haven't lost your mind... Good for you. Don't creep too far to the edge though; you might get deleted
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