Twins, Triplets

@silkkat (231)
December 6, 2006 9:39pm CST
If you are a parent of multiple birth can you give advise to someone who is pregnant with twins?
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7 Dec 06
Well, I'm not a parent of twins, but I am a twin if that counts for anything. One thing my twin and I disliked was that our parents always dressed us up alike, so if you do that, don't do it too often unless, as they get older, they seem to like it. I remember that everything that happened, it had to be perfectly even: same number of pushes on the swing, same ammount of chocolate milk, same number of pillows on the bed, kinda funny now that I look back on it. MOST IMPORTANT: treat them as individuals, most parents mess up at this by reffering to them as "the twins" as if they were one person. Do different activities with each one to help them not seem like they have to be with the other. When they get older, NEVER make one feel as if they are responsible for keeping the other one on track, especially in school, just because they are in the same grade and possibly same classes. My parents had the worst time with this, saying that we are studying the same thing and have to help each other out (apparently even if we didn't know the other was struggling). Anyway, that's just from a twin's perspective...