Cool! A Canadian invented the lightbulb!

December 6, 2006 11:51pm CST
I just happened across this page while surfing the web... interesting! Here is the Text: Light Bulb Inventors: Henry Woodward (dates unknown), Matthew Evans (dates unknown) Did you think Thomas Edison invented the light bulb? Many scientists from various countries had been working for many years to develop a long-lasting light bulb. Toronto medical student Henry Woodward was one Canadian who was working on the problem, with help from Matthew Evans, a Toronto innkeeper. Around 1873 or 1874, they invented a glass bulb that housed a carbon filament and nitrogen gas. They patented it in 1875. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough money to produce and sell the light bulbs, so a year later they sold the patent to… you guessed it: American inventor Thomas Edison! Go Figure! How is it that I don't even know my own Countries history?
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