What would you do if you learn that you are an adopted child?

December 7, 2006 12:59am CST
I have a friend that when she discovered that she is only an adopted child, she stow away despite the good treatment of her foster parents and siblings. I pity her 'cus she is very depressed and can't accept it after a month already. I hope that she recovered already from the anxiety and all mixed emotions bothering her. If you are that person what would you do?
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@chiyosan (30217)
• Philippines
6 Jan 07
i will never do something that will get me in trouble. what could be worst than living in the streets? running away from your family(the one who brought you up will not help at all) it is always better to ask them about when or why or how they got you.
• Philippines
7 Jan 07
I like your stand dude! very rational!
@blueman (16513)
• India
7 Dec 06
i do not think i can do anything, if i came to know that i am an adopted child, but i think i will try to find who were my real parents.
• Philippines
8 Dec 06
yes, it should be the first right mission to do upon knowing the fact and one day to still keep good relationship with foster parents.
@nuel_h (1592)
• Indonesia
7 Dec 06
i think its a natural that when u discovered ur mother is not ur biological. i may be do the same thing with ur friend,. howver dont ive up hope, remember who take u as a an adoped child and learn with it. maybe that is life is for. learn the reason and understand the love your parents.
• Philippines
7 Dec 06
yeah, am also hoping that she realized how her foster parents did took care of her. :)
@ladygam (563)
• Philippines
1 Jan 07
Look for my real parents, maybe? There's nothing wrong with being adopted as long as you were loved by the family who took you in. I would even be grateful because I might not be as lucky if I grew up with my real parents. I guess God made it that way.
@anne_143god (5388)
• Philippines
7 Dec 06
Maybe I will a little bit upset for it is really hard to accept maybe you should talk to your friend that she is lucky because her poster parents love her so much that she cant even noticed that she is a adopted.