"Egoism" stands between man and god.?

December 7, 2006 2:25am CST
Hi all I was reading through one of my books and came across this statement........ "Egosim stands between man and god. You have to dedicate ego. As long as you are filled with ego, you cannot achieve god. Among all the traits of man, egoism is the worst. All the downfall of man is due to his EGO. To build up or assert one's ego on the basis of wealth, physical strength etc etc. is wrong. Today you maybe very wealthy, but this may not be so forever. One who is conscious of his defects is a true man. Therefore, the first step to achieve bliss or god is to give up one's EGO !". I suppose in a world that we all live in today, ego can be very difficult to control or even identify we have one. Some say its good to have a "healthy ego", but is this the case ?. Has anyone tried to identify their own ego ?, and to see how it does affect their own lives and also with spiritual progress. Is ego really a BIG PROBLEM, can it be overcome, has others found that if they are without ego how their life has brought many rewards to them. "You only have to listen to what others talk about to see what is most important to them in life", then the ego shines through. Has anyone identified "an improvement in their life and spiritual path" from successfully controling or setting out to rid an unhealthy ego.. But the ego stops progress doesnt it ?, does anyone find that an ego causes stagnant periods in life, and wondered what blessings and rewards are really waiting for them .......but for the EGO !.
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