Police shoot Unarmed man 81 times

United States
December 7, 2006 3:59am CST
Los Angeles sheriffs gun down Deandre Brunston in Compton, He was unarmed. The object in his hand was a flipflop he found on the porch. The dog was airlifted while Deandre was left to die on the ground. The man was holding flip flops found on the porch, not a gun. He told the cops that if they sicked their dog on him he would shoot the dog. They sicked the dog on him anyways at the same time peppered the porch with gunfire killing him and the police dog. They air lifted the dog to the hospitol while the man layed twitching and later died. They dont even bother to check the man to see if he is dead or not thier too worried about thier damm DOG ~! Warning very graffic http://www.filecabi.net/video/goddammit30.html
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@nuel_h (1592)
• Indonesia
7 Dec 06
wow it is sad to hear Police shoot Unarmed man 81 times, i hope the mayor punish the PD. cheers:D and dont forget to give best response, +, - mark to people who really deserve it.