do you like tree?

December 7, 2006 4:43am CST
nature with her child.trees flowers mountains, rocks ,water ,grass, very special things
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• Romania
8 Dec 06
tree - tree
yes i like tree
• India
7 Dec 06
I am fond of nature with tress, flowers, rocks, water grass and birds.
@Humrahi (693)
• Pakistan
7 Dec 06
@vijay12 (1643)
• India
7 Dec 06
Yes.tress prevent soil erosion,give us fruits,fuel,building material,provide us with shade in Sunshine,is home to birds and animals,even humans in ancient times.Trees,because of photosynthesis contribute their bit to maintaning Carbon cycle in nature,eventhough during night they give out CO2 and consume oxygen. Trees are a must for maintain the environment and the species. It is difficult to think of an Earth without trees.Long live trees.(means,do not cut trees)
@akshit007 (828)
• India
7 Dec 06
yes i really like trees. I think that trees are very essential for us. It helps our environment and also to our health conditions.