report to many people living in a single family house

June 14, 2006 11:52pm CST
im a hard working wife/mother and own my own home. across the street is a 3 bedroom house that is being occupied with owner, her child and her 7 roommates. they are loud and rude rude people. who do i call to report or find out if this is a safe situatuion and if its even legal?
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@infohome (1222)
• India
26 Nov 06
its not safe.
• United States
10 Oct 06
Well I know in south florida its not legal... Our laws state that you can only have two heart beats per one bedroom! Technically they are one person over, but in some cases if there is a den or something, they will except it. Im not exactly sure where to go with it, but when you find out, let me know how it goes!
• United States
10 Oct 06
you can go to the police station and talk to someone there they should know