Positively Negative

drinking with homer - drinking beer with homer simpson
@arvee17 (730)
December 7, 2006 10:47am CST
- We drink out of joy but become miserable. - We drink for sociability but grow argumentative. - We drink for sophistication but become crude. - We drink for friendship but makes enemies. - We drink and go to sleep and awaken exhausted. - We drink for strength but feel week. - We drink to be exhilarated and end up depressed. - We drink for "medical purposes" and acquire health problems. - We drink to calm down but end with the shakes. - We drink to get confidence and get more afraid. - We drink to make conversation flow more easily, and the words come out slurred and incoherent. - We drink to diminish our problems and see them multiply. - We drink to feel heavenly and end up feeling like hell. - We drink to cope with life and invite death.
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25 Jan 07
I could of swore i posted to this question. maybe i forgot to. i totally agree with what you are saying. but people don't realize that when they drink they not only hurt themselves, but they also hurt their friends and families too
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• Philippines
9 Dec 06
it's good for me that i don't like to drink! i don't like the taste of it... hehehe