Does pain always go hand in hand with love?

December 7, 2006 10:51am CST
A lot of people say that if you decided to love someone and engage into an intimate relationship with that person, you should always be ready to get hurt...They always say that loving someone, is letting yourself be vulnerable to any pain and suffering...It's like going into a battle without a sword and a shield to protect you...Loving according to them, is always about getting ready to lose, and never expecting to win...Most say that love entails pain and sacrifices...But can it really be called love when you are already hurting? Is it still love, even if it's the reason why you cry every night; feel so helpless and alone; and became so shattered and fragmented? Is love enough that you let other people get inside your own happy world, just to give them the power to destroy and make it so dark and in doom? Do I really have to get hurt to feel love? Can we just not love, feel loved, or be loved without getting hurt or without taking the risk of being hurt? These questions can almost go on and on until eternity...and these questions are not just mine. Each one of us--at some point-- have asked these questions but end up always failing to have the right answers...
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