Who's policing the police

United States
December 7, 2006 11:03am CST
There seems to be an incrasing trend of Police shootings of innocent civillians. The guy from NY who was shot on his wedding day, the 92 year old woman from Atlanta are all signs of bad policing, I am not bad mouthing cops, I know a few of them and respect what they do for a the general public, but these incodents have me thinking do we need new policy, training and better men and women? What do you think needs to change and more importantly should we convict cops for bad policing?
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@jeffaim (215)
• United States
7 Dec 06
Police officers have one of the hardest jobs in the world - when they are doing their jobs, most people they come in contact with do NOT want to see them! And when they do show up somewhere that they are wanted (like when someone's house is robbed), they are often criticized for how quickly they are able to arrive and how little they can promise in terms of results. On top of that, their job is very dangerous, and yet they still earn less than most people working in corporate America - they are in a service industry. That said, I agree with your point - they do need to face repurcussions for the crimes that they often commit and there are many ways that this could and should be accomplished. There used to be more oversight for police, but the Republican congress got rid of those laws a few years ago in the interests of "national security". I think that in addition to this oversight there should be more emphasis placed on having police officers live in the communities where they work. Police are less likely to shoot someone if they know they may run into a family member of that person when they go to school, church , grocery store, etc. Studies have shown that when police officers live in the communities where they work, they are less likely to engage in negative actions like police brutality AND crime in those areas goes DOWN. It really helps when police respect the community they work in (rather than thinking of it as a trip "into the jungle") and the citizens in the community respect the officers working there. I think it would also help if police got better pay and resources, and had stricter hiring policies and better training and more oversight. Too many people join the police to feel powerful, which can only lead to negative consequences!
• United States
7 Dec 06
@epizzahut (2079)
• China
8 Dec 06
the power of police should be limited by the law,otherwise they can be good for society and also can hurt it.
@konyaku (116)
• Philippines
8 Dec 06
It's a really difficult job and it requires a lot of discipline and dedication. They have to look after everybody and at the same time look after themselves. There are a lot of risks in this career and you have to be sure that you want to be a police if you know in your heart that you can handle it.