well i have a question and i want all to answer.

United States
December 7, 2006 12:15pm CST
well i had my son at 15 and and im 16 now. And for the most part of it im handleing my stuff. I dont ask for help from no one else and me and my sons father do it all on our own. As we should but im not on welfare may i repeat NOT ON WELFARE. But now im going through something and i want to start to get it but im worried about the things people will say. And what people will look at me like. They already think of me as of being on welfare one because im BLACK yes i said it and 2 because im young. So i want to know what would you all do? Ihope i did not offened anyone. but also my mom does not help at all none of my family does but one thig is they want to but i dont want to let them.
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