Weeping Salt candle holders??

December 7, 2006 4:34pm CST
Hi I bought two salt stone candle holders back in April and I've recently noticed that they are sitting in water. They appear to be 'weeping', one more than another.... Could they be drying out? I have put them to lie upturned in the sun now to see what happens. Should I be lighting a candle in them more often to help this moisture evapurate...?? Any ideas???!!!!!!
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@JoyfulOne (6237)
• United States
7 Dec 06
Maybe I can shed some light on what's happening with your candle holders. My husband used to work underground in a salt mine. One time he brought home blocks of salt. They look just like ice, in a way, and were very clear, and very pretty. I set them on top of my refrigerator with some other Morton Salt Co. objects for decoration. When summer time came, there were rivers of water going down the side of my fridge!! I was told that the salt absorbed the humidity, or moisture, in the air and that it made the water pool up in one spot because the salt attracted it. I took them off the fridge top, washed it down, but the salt must have penetrated the enamel on the fridge itself...it wept water for years afterwards even though I took the salt blocks off. They're not drying out, they're attracting moisture. Make sure you have something under them so they do not ruin the finish of your wood, or whatever you have them placed on. Lighting a candle will not stop this process, it is a natural attribute of salt/salt stone. Hope this helps some.