December 7, 2006 4:38pm CST
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• Romania
7 Dec 06
Try to listen to some slow music, take short walks outside, write a poem inspired by your emotions and allow yourself to dream with your eyes open...
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@SHAMRACK (8521)
• India
19 Dec 07
Hi, Loneliness can be overcome in many ways it is only our mind and our willingness to avoid it. If you feel too lonely just sent messages to me. I hope it is might be not getting involved in any interesting job or any other. I rarely feel lonely if I am home I just engaged in any like listening to music,browsing, reading, watch movies so on. Still if loneliness is not going just consult with psychologist. It might be a great help.
@gloria777 (1676)
• India
16 Aug 07
Try to make some good friends and start a Hobby. It will really help you.
@venous (32)
• India
21 Jun 07
Hi tanushree, first of all lonelyness is not a disease to cure. I tell you how I ease out of my loneliness. Iam very talktive and makes a lot of friends, who surely never gives me any time to myself. I always make a point that I must talk to every body in my friend circle. I will read a lot of novels, listen to music of my choice depending on my mood. I try cooking new varieties and do some embroidery. And most of all I spend time browsing every day. I suggest you to be with your family and friends don't stay alone. with experience Iam telling you because staying alone will provocate thoughts which will aggravates the situation...we start hating people for no reason. When you wake up in the morning say it to your self that you'll be happy today no matter what happens (I practice this every day). A Day that is passed we can't retrive it back for no amount of money whether we spend happily or with mood of. But spending happily makes lots of difference. It is in your hand my dear to find happiness that is abounds arround you.
@kawaii24 (520)
• Australia
19 Jun 07
talk to someone better with your family..they will be able to assist you in combating the loneliness your feeling.
19 Jun 07
It seems you are developing this feeling gradually. i guess you are living away from your parents either due to study or job purpose.So where ever you go its quite natural that almost everybody would feel lonliness if she/he has not enough stock to enjoy spare time .If you are also facing the same problem..than your ist choice is to make some goodfriends with whom you can share your frustaion if any. and keep a means to chat or contact your parents or other family members frequently whenever you feel lonely.Watch interesting moveis and read interesting books of your choice. Most important is fix your goal of life or the thing you have to achieve in future so that you feel stirred whenever you feel lonely . In the end discuss with your boyfriend/girlfriend if you have no choice left. But I can assure there are lots of stuffs around to cheer about .search it and enjoy life. Never engulf in negative thoughts. All the best.
• India
18 Jun 07
Its depends on person attitude I feel no one is alone..... I am also very far from my home place At first i started to know the various places and site seeing of my new place this took only 2 months Then started struggling in life Then i started to solve puzzles, doing tricky problems, then creative thoughts like framing poetry stanzas, thinking how to creatively make parents happy with surprising gifts.... As such i gathered some phone numbers of sweetshops near my house of homeplace then sending cheques to them and asking them to deliver some items on the occasion in the house then my parents are surprised.. like this you should sharpen your creative skills..... Or you can divert to spritual aspects of life... What is life ? What is Money? After studying in USA and etc, what is our goal and etc., which gives your mental strength ........ So make sharpen your creative, imaginative skills
• India
24 Apr 07
Since you are from India, you will have lot of hobbies. Keep yourself engaged in one of them. Meet your friends and spend your time. If the above are not possible, watch some of Govinda's movies. Then your thought will be away from lonliness.
@gkainth (279)
• India
16 Mar 07
make some hobbies and u will found u have a way to live just as me visit me at below link
• India
16 Mar 07
MAKE FRIENDS !!!! i can understand its tough being alone away from our family. its better to make friends. it really helps to kill loneliness.
• Morocco
9 Feb 07
how to cure loneliness!?? in my opinion by listening and platying music and watching movies and going out sometimes !
@ranjoo4 (79)
• India
8 Feb 07
find ur self a nice boyfriend
@weemam (13377)
4 Feb 07
Join a club where you can meet people and make friends , what you are doing here on My Lot too and you will make lots of friends too , good luck xx
@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
2 Feb 07
There are only two ways... If you like people... you should spend time with them and make some regular friends. If you don't like going out with people... you need to start learning to live with yourself. Use your imagination and start being creative. There are plenty of things one can do. You just to need to think of something you would like to do. I can keep myself busy for days on end just my doing various things on my computer. Learn to build a website... That will take you a couple of months before you know where you at. The secret is that you don't have time to be lonely when you are busy doing something... no matter what it is. Once you learn to do that... you will tell people to go away because you won't have time to talk to them.
• Philippines
27 Jan 07
Well, you have to be with your friends a lot and if you don't have a daytime job, look for one. Living with your loved ones is also one way to overcome loneliness. Do something that will make you busy.
@bobilongo (264)
• Austria
26 Jan 07
If you are lonely is because you have acctually isolated yourself from so many things,you need friends to go out with,I suggest you may get a girlfriend if you are with one you will no longer feel lonely women know how to keep people comfortable,also try some sorting activity it will help to occupy you.
@pratew3y (1893)
• India
25 Jan 07
have some good friends who can be with you when ever you need them since i too feel lonely at times even when i am with my family so thats not a new thing, people feel lonely bcoz they are not interested in what the others are doing around them,
@k73hrx (81)
• Indonesia
12 Jan 07
you take a wrong turn by stay away from your family. first step : get close to your family, they will help you in every way. second : make friends. you will never be lonely if you have best friends or close friends. Third : join a community like mylot...:D hope it help you...:D
• India
12 Jan 07
keep in touch with me.....i am lonely everyday
@wesker311 (510)
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
start going out and find yourself a friend to whom you could talk to and share interest. life is short my friend you need to live it to the fullest! and you cannot stay away from your family forever because someday you'll need them more than you need a friend!