Deep Simplicity

December 7, 2006 4:52pm CST
Whilst I was away on a training course last week, I got hold of a book to read so that I could be one of those sad looking people sitting by himself in the pub with no friends (ah the joys of spending a week away from home ) The book I started reading is called Deep Simplicity by John Gribbin and it's all about Chaos, Complecity and the Emergence of Life. I'm only about half way through at the moment but it's a really good book if you're interested in Chaos and where it all stems from. There's a good history of the mathematicians and physicists etc. who came up with the various ideas and he's written it in a way that his wife could understand what he was talking about to try and make it easier on the public. I still find it a little tricky in places and you need to have a bit of a mathematical mind to follow what he's on about but it all makes really good sense. Has anyone else read this and what did you think? I'm tempted to go and get some of his other books after this one (seeing as he keeps plugging them in the text of this one) as they sound interesting too....
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