Help please with a concept of Energy in and out of the body

December 7, 2006 4:53pm CST
Could anybody help me with please? I am trying to work out a framework of ideas which explains the movement of energy, (I want to be able to apply it to EFT and Emotrance, but I think it would also work for massage and exercise.). I would like this model to work without any spiritual component. (not that I am aspiritual - it’s just so easy to solve problems with the supernatural, and I’d like to see how far this model works without it.). It’s a theory about the body, rather than the mind - (I know that there are cat-scans which show brain patterns responding to EFT. ) I know about the theories of the meridian systems but perhaps there are other possibiliities? I’ve read Candace Pert and perhaps her neuro-peptides model is what I need, but I wondered if there were any other ideas - Quantum theory for example? I’ve also read something about information whizzing around the body on photons......... Here's my theory so far. I am using Gary Craig's ( explanation of emotional stress as a "disruption in the body's energy system" which leads to stuck energy. Hence for example, Mary's repeated exposure to stress at work may lead to rigidity in the fascia of the upper back, which Mary feels as tension in her shoulder blades, even when she just thinks about going in to work. This can be released for example through massage of the fascial tissue (facilitating release?) , or exercise which improves the circulation to the areas (?) or EFT or Emotrance which enable Mary to 1)acknowledge her problem to her conscious mind (which may have been felt subconsciously before) 2) focus breath and intention into the problem/body tissue which stores this stuck energy 3) release the energy, leaving Mary free of her problem. To give some examples from my Emotrance experience (course and my clients) people were feel their problems as “a lump of putty in my stomach”, “an iron bar in my shoulder blades”, “a mint green silk scarf around my neck”. in their different ways these energies soften and release from their bodies. Now how does this happen? I know from E=MCsquared that energy and mass are interchangeable. This model works quite well with fascia which can be quickly converted from a hard fibrous state to a soft collagenous state, (hence release through massage etc? I’m no expert here BTW this is just a theory, based on what I‘ve picked up from lectures etc!). To give another example, recently I was physically and verbally assaulted. I felt both as a physical impact - the words hitting my solar plexus. Later thinking about the incident, I got that same physical feeling in my solar plexus (which I Emotranced away.) My query is how did the words (an angry threat) form the physical energy in my solar plexus. They went “whoomph” and hit me like a blow. How did the vehement energy of the words form a mass in the solar plexus. How did my breathing and focus soften this mass back into energy, which released out from my body. Where did that energy go? Where is it now? And how did Mary's work stress end up in her shoulder blades and not just in her mind? Any comments or ideas would be most welcome. Thank you - I hope this isn't too muddled as a starting point. Sharon.
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