Farewell my dear friend Tim?

December 7, 2006 6:29pm CST
When you "re back to America , i wish everything goes well in your life ... When you "re back to America , i hope you will never forget about me ... When you" re back to America , i "m gonna miss you just like you "re gonna miss me ... My dear good friend ..Tim.. We definitely spent many many good time together ... You let me know there is no barrier between us... Even though you come from different country, we have differnet backgrounds... The day i first met you was like the day i began to acquaint the american ... I still remembered what you said, you"re so differnet from the guys i learnt from the friends You make me believe that sometimes american is just like the chinese ... The game was interesting while we played together was not only because we played it pretty well. But also because you made the game more fun than anyone else could even make it to be . You were such a diligent player ,tried the best to win every game you have joined. Honestly, it worked all the time. I was so glad that i could be in your side everytime while i played the game Surely i did learn a lot from you .. Surely i did admire you many many things.. I wish i could have the chance to visit usa in the future . Then i will call on you ,we can be hanging out agian .. my friend .. It"s like the dream of me. Hopefully it will come true one day .. I deeply believe it ..
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