December 7, 2006 6:41pm CST
Do you believe in evolution or creation?
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@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
8 Dec 06
i believe in cration, because it couldnot evolve if not being created for the 1st time. it is very simple to understand.
@gtfteam (140)
• Malaysia
8 Dec 06
There are lots of prove to whether evolution exist. Evolution hs left numerous records dat reveal the history of different species. Fossils and the comparative anatomy of present-day plants and animals, establish the morphological record. Comparing the anatomies of both modern and extinct species helps paleontologists to infer the lineages of those species. Important fossil evidence includes the connection of distinct classes of organisms by so-called "transitional" species, such as the Archaeopteryx, which provided early evidence for intermediate species between dinosaurs and birds, and the recently-discovered Tiktaalik, which clarifies the development from fish to animals with four limbs. The development of molecular genetics, and particularly of DNA sequencing, has allowed biologists to study the record of evolution left in organisms' genetic structures. The degrees of similarity and difference in the DNA sequences of modern species allows geneticists to reconstruct their lineages. It is from DNA sequence comparisons that figures such as the 95% genotypic similarity between humans and chimpanzees are obtained. Additional evidence of ancestry includes idiosyncratic structures present in certain organisms, such as the panda's "thumb", which indicate how an organism's evolutionary lineage constrains its adaptive development. Vestigial structures such as the vestigial limbs on pythons or the degenerate eyes of blind cave-dwelling fish are also evidences of evolutionary development. Other evidence used to demonstrate evolutionary lineages includes the geographical distribution of species. For instance, monotremes, such as platypus, and most marsupials, like kangaroos or koalas, are found only in Australia showing that their common ancestor with placental mammals lived before the submerging of the ancient land bridge between Australia and Asia. Scientists correlate all of the above evidence, drawn from paleontology, anatomy, genetics, and geography, with other information about the history of Earth. For instance, paleoclimatology attests to periodic ice ages during which the world's climate was much cooler, and these are often found to match up with the spread of species which are better-equipped to deal with the cold, such as the woolly mammoth.
• Romania
8 Dec 06
evolution for sure....