How to manage a stressful job interview?

December 7, 2006 6:58pm CST
When faced with this kind of interview, what could possibly be the right words to say, if the interviewer tells you that you need a working experience for the position you are applying for. And you are just a fresh graduate. How will you manage it?
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@trenea7 (86)
• United States
8 Dec 06
If you've gotten as far as an interview, than the company has probably already seen your resume and knows you don't have experience. But, at the same time, they saw something that interested them enough to give you a call. It's now your job just to play up your strengths. Tell them what skills you've just learned coming out of school. Explain to them any previous jobs opr experiences that required similar qualities (ie. dependability, confidentiality, initiative)as the position you're interviewing for. Oh, and you might mention anything that is considered "breaking news" in your field that you learned in school that the "old school" people might not know as much about. You have to be careful not to sound like you'd want to change everything, but most employers like their employees to have fresh ideas. My last tip is to have several questions prepared in advance. I say several because many often get answered along the way. Even such questions as, "Can you describe what a typical day would be for my position?", show your interest in the job. I've been told by employers that the fact that I asked questions was a big factor in my getting hired. Hope this helps.