How do I defrag my computer?

@cvarvell (1116)
United States
December 7, 2006 10:39pm CST
any suggestions? i heard it was good to do. I feel lost and overwhelmed by this computer!
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@wathanjim (2214)
• United States
8 Dec 06
If You have XP You can go to startall programsaccessoriessystem toolsdisk deframenter.That should take You through it analyze and if it says You need to defragment go for it.
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@kbkbooks (7028)
• Canada
10 Dec 06
What they said!! About once a month is good.
8 Dec 06
It is definately good to do this. What happens is the program will sort out your files together rather than have them spaced out on the hard drive so it will run faster and smoother. It's something that should be done about once a fortnight to once a month to keep your computer running tip top. Windows does come with a version of a degragmentation program, but it's basic to say the least. The one I use is; You can download it and it's totally free. It also tells you how much improvement your hard drive has achieved at the end!
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@bandronic (171)
• Romania
11 Dec 06
I suggest using the built in defragmenter. It's good to do this. Do it as often as you can. It basically reorganizes the files on the hard drive. It's useful because windows stores files one next to another. When a file is removed the space remains unallocated until it has to be filled with another file but that situation occurs when there is not enough space to write files in other sectors. If it not occurs than it will write the files in order but will leave gaps between them. In time the gaps become larger and the response time becomes longer. The defragmenter reorganizes the files filling the gaps with files already written on the drive thus making the system respond time faster. I hope that helped.
@teja_vc (511)
• India
8 Dec 06
yeah it is good indeed to do defrag what happens is the harddisk in your computer reads and stores the data in as randomly so what happens is one 1 MB file will be spilt in to chunks of data it will be split in to parts so that they can be stored in to sectors when it does that and when the harddisk becomes full the fragments of the data will become more and more at this point the computer will become slow so it is ideal to run Defragmenter in windows if you are using windows xp you can go to start-- all-- programs --Accessories -- system tools -- Disk Defragmenter here in this case you requaire 16% of free space to do defragment.
@patgalca (16671)
• Orangeville, Ontario
8 Dec 06
Defragging your computer really speeds it up. It cleans out all the junk. Unfortunately, my defrag doesn't work. It just keeps going from 0% to 10% back to 0% and back to 10%, and so on. When I asked my tech guy (a neighbour) he just shrugged. I hope to be getting a new hard drive in the spring.