Have you ever been to Bali Indonesia?

December 8, 2006 1:56am CST
"Bali High"... the song was in the musical "South Pacific". In 2005, my husband and I flew half way around the world to this tiny little island called Bali in Indonesia. I have never been of the north american continent so this trip was an extraordinary adventure for me. Bob, my husband, had been there once before a few years back. He was so taken by the place that he insisted that we make a trip there. The flight took about twelve hours to Hong Kong.. where we stayed a few days (more on that later), then off for another six hour flight to Bali. I can't express how beautiful it was to fly over the water, mountains and forests and then into the airport there. The long white sandy shores and palm trees galore welcomed us. I was thrilled to be there and was ready to meet the people and see this wondrous place for myself. As we waited in line to go through customs, a small group of Balinese men were playing their instruments for our enjoyment. It's a bit too tinny for my taste but they were playing very well and were dressed in their native garb. Our hotel was right on the beach, all the workers were Balinese men and women with warm smiling faces that just made you feel welcome. The people are very friendly. I never saw one person there with a frown. There main religion is Hinduism, Bali style I guess which is alittle different from the Hindu religion in India. The people there are very devout. They have temples it seems everywhere on street corners and even their own private ones at their homes. The country is very poor and the people rely on tourism as their mainstay. They do grow and sell coffee as well as other fruits and of course rice. The country side varies from palm trees and flowering bushes to large areas of lush green tropic jungles and great rice paddies. There is a major volcano that is active as well. The last time erupting killing hundreds of people. To drive in Bali you have to take your life into your own hands! There are motorbikes everywhere as well as tour buses, trucks and cars who all believe they are the only ones on the road. It's best to get a driver or take a tour bus its alot safer. There are tourist shopping areas where women have set up their little areas to sell you everything from sajongs and bathing suits to wooden carve images and jewelry. They can be abit much wanting you to buy as this is their only source of income. Since the bombing of the restaurant the year before tourism has fallen off dramatically. Which is a shame as the country is in dire need on more income for its people. And its a very beautiful and lovely country to visit. If you have any questions concerning Bali or have been there yourself, please drop me a line here. I'd love to hear what you think.
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