# 3 simple discount prob:-(

@hennars (250)
United Arab Emirates
December 8, 2006 2:04am CST
last one... 3) in each of the following cases find the rate of discount(as a percent), given the marked price and the amount paid. a) Marked price =$1 and the amount paid =0.90 I think 0.90 , we have to convert to 90/100.$1=100/100 now, 100-90 =10, i think answer is 10%??? b)Marked price is $1,000 and the amount paid=$945. Cannot complete:-( 1000-945=55$, then???? c)Marked price-$200 and the amount paid=4170 my answer is 200-170= 30$, don't know then next step:-( d)Marked price =$4,400 and the amount paid =$3,960. my answer is 4400-3960=$340, but don't know next step:-(. many txs
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• Indonesia
8 Dec 06
if i shipping a price at $500, how much i pay?