Hey ! .. 334 points = 10$ is crap .. it doesnt work that way

September 18, 2006 10:09am CST
I have almost 900 points and i already have 40$ .. excluding the referral earnings .. mylot doesnt pay you directly on the basis of ur points .. its an EXTRA INTELLIGENT algorithm running there that decides your pay .. it takes into consideration your best responses ..ur discussions resolved .. whether ur topics made it to the hottest discussions .. all these are factors .. its not 334 points = 10$ .. painful pleasure was totally WRONG ! .. and by the way i started mylotting on sep 1st .. there have been days when i earned 7$ for 100 points and when i earned 0.14$ for 120 points .. so u cant fool the algorithm by merely increasing your points .. do quality discussion and the algorithm will pay you .. talk more of relevant stuff .. talk about commercial products .. talk about the present day market .. politics .. these are the relevant informations that the site can sell of to various companies as CUSTOMER FEEDBACK for their products .. i hope u got my point
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@kritipen (4082)
• United States
31 Jan 07
Thank you for that information.
@busybee (382)
• India
21 Oct 06
oh poor guy, i have made only $2 for 200 odd responses..
• India
21 Oct 06
Yeah you are right? i crossed 334 mark and now am at 367 still i have only $8.39 in my earning.I think it pays you $0.03 for the responses you get(and the rank increased due to it)for the discussions you have started and less than $0.03 for the discussions you responded(and the rank increased due to it).
• United States
18 Sep 06
Okay listen you must not have read everything I said properly. When you first start, and have no referrals and nobody has chosen you for a best response, you get a minimum of 3 cents per point. Then once you start getting referrals and best responses and stuff, it goes higher. Mine has gone up higher than 3 cents now because I have 2 best responses and 3 referrals.