What are the best 3D fighting games of this generation?

December 8, 2006 4:37am CST
For me (note these are console games I'm talking about): 1. Virtua Fighter 4 Evo- If excellence is to be improved, then this game is the closest thing to it. Yu Suzuki rules! 2. Virtua Fighter 4- the return of depth and greatness after the disappointment with VF3. Not even its rivals could touch this one. 3. Soul Calibur- it leaped miles and miles ahead of Soul Edge as the 32-bit/64-bit era ended. 4. Dead or Alive 2- this one really made a BIG LEAP compared to its older games (and upgrades) and it made me a proud owner of the DC. DC's power also made possible big fights and great heights of platforms. 5. Dead or Alive 3- Showed great gameplay (although it's slightly improved over DOA2) using the massive power of the Xbox. It was the best console launch 3D fighter since DC's SC. 6. Super Smash Bros Melee (it's a fighting game disguised as a platform party game, mind you)- Nintendo's characters in one major brawl! Bring on SSBM 2 with the Revolution! 7. Dead or Alive Ultimate- Does not have as many fighters as DOA3 but it is a cool tribute to DOA fans. 8. Soul Calibur II- great game but since I played SC on DC years ago, the sequel just did not live up to my expectations nor did it satisfy me as much as SC.
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