night parties

December 8, 2006 5:06am CST
how safe are night parties for girls
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@rocker21 (2717)
• India
6 Aug 08
A party is a conjusted place to be. Everyone moving saying Excuse me, Excuse me So close to each other if its in a club. Everyone watches everyone, everyone is present too on the party floor, They can just be free and no one is gonna bother what is going on until its big deal. Any girl moving around alone can be caught with any guy if he wants and no one would even care. Its night Its music the loud one ofcourse and the guy doing just anything with the girl. Girls get drunk alot in parties either with their friends or most of them drink themselves. Once they drink their own guy friends get on them!. Yes i have seen this. They would take them and do whatever they want to coz the girl is already drunk!. I hate night parties and even its not at all safe for girls. Why do girls wanna have this kind of a fun.
@pusibaba (1010)
• India
8 Dec 06
I think night parties are not all safe for the women. As there are men who are always in search of woman after the night parties to physically assault.In india the parents dont allow their daughters to go to night parties for fear for being rapped raped by anybody. I think for safer and secure life the girls should go with a person on whom she can rely. And boy friends should be very careful about their girlfriends.
@khathorxe (333)
• Philippines
8 Dec 06
u can never tell when you are safe or not regardless its day or night...just be extra careful..