Baby in the Microwave

December 8, 2006 6:40am CST
This story is back in the news again about a baby that seems to have eben placed in a microwave and partially cooked. The 1 month old was taken by her mother to hospital when she thought something was wrong with the child. She has been charged with her child's murder but it appears is trying to pass blame to baby sitter that was caring for the baby the night before. What kind of sicko puts any living thin in a microwave. There was a child recently put in a dryer by her mother's boyfriend. The child survived but has terrible burns. What should happen to these "people"? They definately don't deserve the right to ever have children let alone be in society. Any thoughts about appropriate punishment?
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@lieanat (1137)
• Malaysia
17 May 08
All these heartless and cruel people deserve punishments from everyone of us. We should torture them until they almost at the edge of dying and then, we should stop to spare their life. Don't give any treatment to them and let them be like that. If they ever survive again, we'll tortute them again and repeat the cycle until they die. I think by such punishments, the world should have lesser heartless people!!!
@babykay (2131)
• Ireland
16 May 08
I never read the details of these stories but I would guess that the people responsible have a long history of child neglect/ what we really need to think about is prevention. As in more frequent monitoring of 'at risk' children and not leaving a child in an abusive home because it doesn't sit well to break up a family. Wouldn't it be better for a child to be take out of such a "family" than subjected to the above? For punishment I would advocate imprisonment of course....and if they ever get out, sterilization.
• United States
9 Dec 06
Wow....look at the sickening acts we read about in the newspaper and hear in the news. Well, I have no idea who to point the finger at for the microwave incident. You would think the mother should be responsible for that even under the care of the babysitter. (Did it mention how old the sitter was?) It just goes to show that she must not have known this person that well. But again...who really is to blame? Polygraph would be the first step. Them both at the same time with each one listening to each other's responses. As for the dryer incident, that man should be locked up for life no quuestions asked. That should be tagged as severe child abuse and attempted murder. That poor child. Stories like this make me want to hold my kids tight and thank God for them and they have remained safe and unharmed.
• United States
10 Dec 06
It is so sick and so horrible, I can barely stand to hear of it. These people sick or not, should be locked up in jail for life.
@djmarion (4898)
• Philippines
16 May 08
the correct punishment for them is to give them the dose of their own medicine. try putting them in a microwave and turn it on to the highest degree. i bet they will learn how to think straight. i never understand why did they even exist, and why do they have a child, they don't deserve to have one, there are lots of people who longs for a child and yet they cannot have due to different reasons, why the hell that these kinds of sick people got the privilege to have kids.
@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
16 May 08
take a life lose a life its as simple as that and thats what should happen to the mother. that is my take on this sick sad murder.