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December 8, 2006 6:54am CST
You'd spend more than $15 on a meal that, well... let's say would be eliminated. Sure, you might remember how good it was but it doesn't keep on feeding you. So, go ahead... spend $15 on something that will literally change your life forever... even if it's only to figure out why you keep doing what you always do and wonder why you don't get different results. Let's all STOP the madness so that everyone can be happy in love 'n' life... I mean really... that IS what we all want, right?FROM DECEMBER 8 - 18, Couples Cafe is on sale for only $15... go to www.wastelandpress.net/Couples_discount.html and order your today... for you... for someone you love. If I told you this book actually WAS the hokey-pokey... would you buy this book?If I told you this book actually HAS the answers how to stop relationship madness... would you buy this book?If I told you this book had more than the typical psychobabble stuff that other "self help" books have... would you buy this book?If I told you this book was actually FUN to read... would you buy this book?If I told you this book was not just filled with examples but actually puts YOU in the examples ('cause face it, all of us have pretty much the same experiences... it's just the names and faces that are different)... would you buy this book?If I told you that this book has already made a difference in so many lives... would you buy this book?Well... I'm telling you... all of the above is true. I'm tired of hearing, seeing, reading all the sadness due to faied relationships and people not knowing why... Couples Cafe is set up like a menu using food analogies to identify, highlight, and offer resolutions for the most common relationship problems. For example:Word Waffles for Communication Priority Pancakes for balancing Work & Home Online Dating Omelettes for well... that one's clear (LOL) Financial Frappuccino for Money Expectation Espresso for Expectations Society Club Sandwich for Women's Lib, Technology, & the ME Generation... and so much more.
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