December 8, 2006 7:07am CST
Today is seen that the divorce are so common ,people who make promise not to leave each other in their entire life ,they leave each other so easily.so What is the reason behind increase rate of divorce?
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@sharone74 (4838)
• United States
31 Dec 06
This is a disposable world that we live in and the more common that divorce becomes the more of it will be used. People don't think things through and they don't figh hard enough for what and whom they want before they give up.
@mythmoh (3986)
• United States
24 Dec 06
most of the marriages will be love marriage.because when they love each other they tend to show only their postive aspect to each other.after marriage they have to see the negative side also.this may lead to oral fights and he/she doesn't meet her/his expectation.further ego clash,over confidence of standing on their own legs,misunderstanding are the main reasons.
@_Greeneye_ (1526)
• India
17 Dec 06
i think love other girl/boy
• India
12 Dec 06
• Singapore
10 Dec 06
i think it's because of whirlwind romance and everybody just wanna get married 2-3 months after they get together, as they thought it's true love. after all, divorce is so easy and when you know that there's an exit, you will not hesitate to enter the room, right?
@adipoaca (159)
• Romania
9 Dec 06
kids :D
• United States
8 Dec 06
I think it is too easy to give up and get a divorce. The commitments don't seem to mean much, working hard at the marriage. I'm married 30 years, and it takes work to be happy. Lots of communication.
@ru88en (2997)
• Philippines
8 Dec 06
lack of love, commitment, willingness to solve their differences, weak values, and so much more.