Help Her

December 8, 2006 7:12am CST
Hey guys Help her, Therez a she friend of mine and she is in deep trouble. Straight to the point This is what she has to say. ...My husband is in Iraq...we have been married since may3 and he left may 4th....I had my first grandchild born this weekend...I called him to say that my daughter in law had gone into labor....He said keep me posted and never called back...I called him at 630am my time and 230pm his time...I did not call back but kept my cell phone was a miracle I got thro to him the first time but he can call out anytime without difficulty... He did not call me back for 15 hours...after he went to bed and came back in to work. The baby was born and I was home in bed...I did not answer when he called because I was so furious...I waited until the next night for him to call so that was a total of the first 15 hours and then 24 hours more to the next call.When he called back at that time I answered and asked" Randy why did you not call back before you went to bed when she was in labor?" I did not do it in a friendly voice or tone and he unleashed on me that I had said I would keep him posted..... I cant imagine me not calling if he was in the hospital for 15 hours but am I in the wrong...He is filing for a divorce over this and I have been emailed all kinds of ugly language while I have tried to be reasonable...I dont think it was asking too much for him to check on us one time before he went to bed that night but I want someones opinion other than mine
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