what is the fulform of TTL in digital electronics

June 15, 2006 7:40am CST
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2 Jun 12
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@veganbliss (3900)
• Adelaide, Australia
31 May 12
This is "Transistor-Transistor Logic" you speak of. It's very much outdated now in these modern times & refers to a certain class or design of Integrated Circuits or "chips" as most techies call them. They used to be good as their open collector outputs could be used to drive LED displays, etc directly instead of having to design an appropriate transistor or MOSFET to match to the output of the device. They are still around as spare parts, but are not used in new designs. They dissipate far too much heat, draw too much current & have a few other disadvantages particular to the TTL design.
@blueman (16513)
• India
20 Nov 06
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