Mail Order Brides: A Disturbing Phenomenon In America

United States
December 8, 2006 11:25am CST
"Each year, hundreds of Internet bride services recruit thousands of women—mostly from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other economically depressed parts of the globe—to marry their American clients. Matchmaking Web sites feature glowing testimonials and pictures of smiling couples. The sites play off old stereotypes of foreign women as subservient, "traditional" wives." Folks, the reason why "mail order brides" is a thriving business speaks volumes about American men and what insecure losers they are. They can't get anywhere or deal with American women so they look elsewhere for impoverished, subservient & so-called traditional brides from Third World countries so that they can bully/abuse them. Something is seriously wrong with our society. Where do you think we have gone wrong and how can we remedy the situation (if at all)?
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