December 8, 2006 11:43am CST
In today's world when I go out, trying to face the world, and make a name for myself, I've slowly come to terms with the fact that, as world progresses economically, and globalization spreads, the very basic reason why humans exist together in this world, seems to be vapourizing with time. The thing I'm talking about is nothing but FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS. It is the most basic instinct in any living creature, and man is known to have it in one of the strongest forms, amongst life forms on earth. But what a pity! With time, materialism has taken over emotions in the purest form, and humans, from being loving and emotional beings have become more of material animals, deviod of any basic feeling for even himself! In times, when most problems in life can be solved through emotions, we have opted for the path of power and money, dooming out own future. When we need to be together, we are drifting apart. It hurts me people. Would love to knowyour opinion.
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• India
12 Dec 06
really praiseworthy topic u have chosen , attention! all of u should repond to this topic, but wrik, i dont think anybody here has this capability to digest the inner materials of this topic .plsssss dont leave the viewers indigested.
• United States
12 Dec 06
I agree with everything you posted. Humans used to care for each others but, for the most part, that seems to be disappearing. There still are those of us who have a heart but we get tired of having them stomped on. So it's got to the point where a lot of us hide our true feelings. Call us closet case feeling hearts.