What's beyond life??

United States
December 8, 2006 3:43pm CST
Some believe in a heaven some believe in reincarnation some think there may even be a hell for eternal punishment and the priests even made up the purgatory mentioned nowhere in their holly book Some think you become a ghost Mabe a spirit? Noone knows what happens so they invent things to give comfort for when the end is near. So what happens after you die? Does it hurt? Is it pleasuring? Is it scary? Fun? Do you keep those treasured memories? Do you even exist? Well I sure as heck don't know but I would like to know, to be prepared for what awaits us, or to have as much fun as I can before my time runs out and then there i nothing left of me. My mom told me about a man her frienbd knows that suffered a heart attack, while he wasn't "tecnically" dead he was "medically" dead, flatlined. She told me what they told her: He saw his body as he floated in midair and saw his daughter crying and the doctors trying to save him. He felt a piece he had never in his life felt, a pleasure not even a beautifiull woman could provide he saw a light...He came back before deeciding to procede and saw himself alive again, now he was liing in bed and wondering "did I die for a minute there?" I have no idea what parts are true and what parts are fiction but that is what she told me she was told(my mom). So what do you think??? Have you heard anything like this or different from someone that ever flatlined? Do you consider someone dead when they flatline or when theyre brain dead? Is a coma dead?
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