Have you ever walked through a cemetary at night?

December 8, 2006 6:24pm CST
Have you ever walked through or past a cemetary late at night? It's very peaceful. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the decay of the dead bodies, and illumination of the moonlight on the gravestones. Oh I don't know if it's art. But I like it! I have walked through a cemetary alone back when I was younger. I was fun and peaceful. Kind of like a day at the park. But in the dark. I was visiiting my father's grave... Another time me and some friends had to walk home from the train station a whole city away from my house. It got late and it was dark. But the only way home that was quickest and safest was passing by the cemetary! My friends were scared but I was fine with it! MUU HAA HA HA HA So you ever walked through the cemetary at night by the pale moonlight??
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• United States
30 Dec 06
Your description of your experience is art! My mom always told me as a child that the most safest place to be is in a cemetery. I have walked the cemetery many times at night, it is truly calm. Whenever I go, I feel a sense of peace and am able to think.
• Indonesia
30 Dec 06
wew! can u give more reason why u can say at cemetry is ave place?
@vinoth_123 (1876)
• India
23 Dec 06
So many times i am going alone during the night times but i am not getting fear. espicially i am beliveing the evil and all.
• Indonesia
25 Dec 06
wew... u brave different with girls