To save a Neem Tree

May 27, 2006 2:07am CST
I want to save a Neem tree.. what should I do?Because some of the people are tying to uproot the tree
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• India
13 Sep 10
yes i see that some peoples not likes trees this is a big problem of our country but i like save trees. trees is the great gift of God for all peoples but some peoples its not understand. thanks for your sharing....
• India
11 Sep 10
save tree by general awarness,make a group and visit some histrolical place and tourist palace....and discuss there with so many people....go to colleges and school and aware them
@bhchy1 (6047)
• United States
20 Oct 06
Sometimes people climb trees and refuse to get down so they can't cut the tree down...They call them tree sitters..
@busybee (382)
• India
20 Oct 06
Why is that o, specific abotu neem tree , fo rthat matter it should be saving any tree.
@CHASHA (483)
• India
22 Nov 06
give a puer and proper water, take care of neem for the mosquitoes
• India
9 Jan 07
report this to the municipality that they are doing it purposely. that there is actually no reason why it should be uprooted. write in newspaper or call the police and the press. they will take care of everything.
@ssh123 (31074)
• India
4 Oct 06
You have to immediately call the police and forest office. Both will beable to help you save the tree.
@nanhegujral (4632)
• India
20 Oct 06
have some good watering.