My childhood!

December 9, 2006 12:59am CST
My childhood is one of happiest periods of my life. Beause I was a carefree child at that time. I need not thought about anything until I began to go school. I was born in a small and beautiful village. The villagers were enthusiastic and friendly. There are many interesting things during my childhood. In Spring,I usually went to the hills to catch all kinds of wild flowers with some guys. Those flowers smelt fragrant and looked beautiful. Besides,I sometimes caught the butterflies in the grassplot with some children. In Summer,when the weather turned hot,I always went to swim in the stream with some piquant boys. The water of stream was so cool and limpidity. we can saw the fish swimming into the water. In autumn,we collected various beautifull colour leaves. Then we shared the colour leaves each other. In Winter,the weather became cold,it often snowed.Everywhere is white. It is so beautiful. In that time,we would climbed the mountains to catch the wild animals.It so crazy! When I think of these,I always enjoy it for a long time.
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