attacking of iraq by United States

December 9, 2006 7:00am CST
was it because that george bush feared thet Iraq would become a more powerful country than U.S that he attacked and destroyed it.
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@kahheng (281)
5 Aug 07
In my humble opinion, I believe Mr. Bush is only after Iraq oil. Nothing to do with fear of Iraq being a super military power and nothing to do with Mr. Saddam suppressing his own people. No matter how BIG Iraq build up it's military power, they are far too mall a country to be of any major impact or threat to the world peace. Mr. Bush have to find an excuse to hit Iraq and any reasons will do. If you say country of Terror, I would label North Korea a bigger threat! Instead of feeding it's starving people, the government rather spend the nation's wealth on nuclear research whilst it's people harp to the world for food to feed them. It is totally crazy. For this sole point, I would say that North Korea is a bigger threat than Iraq. The country is lead by a crazy goverment. Mr. Saddam is just plain brutal but he is not a crazy man.
@yugi_sen (1741)
• India
9 Dec 06
Its completely insane decision and bad move from the diplomats in US. Probably they have some hidden benefits thru that war.