why should we marry

December 9, 2006 7:38am CST
Do u think we should have someone as partner in our lives in the name of marriage. Can’t we just get along with one another as individuals leading our own lives as man and woman ,what’s the need to stay together is it for the benefit of the man or the woman.
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• India
17 Jun 07
In the past when women were not self dependant, the concept of marriage came in picture for overall safety of women. This relation is two way or can say win win relation. Both man and woman need each others help to run the daily life. There are social, physical, mental, financial etc needs, to fulfil these needs, both man and woman need a partner. As the god has gifted the world man and woman, both decided to live helping each others. But these days in foreign countries this concept of marriage is not found. Couple are living hapy life without marriage. Whenever they think that it is not necessary they separate and start new life as per their conveniance. I agree with this. Marriage concept should be abolished completely and keep free the girls and boys for selecting their partner.