Two different types of relationships that I've had

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September 19, 2006 5:12am CST
i didnt really know what to put for the subject so i hope that isn't way off =) OK i've had a couple relationships before the one im in now. the first ones there was what i call the "honeymoon phase",which is in the beginning when you think the person is amazing and you want to be with them all the time and they do everything PERFECT! then theres what i call the "let-down phase" when you realize they SUCK and you don't really like them much anymore. then the relationship im in now...we never had the honeymoon phase, or the let-down phase. from the time we've been together we've had the "comfortable phase." we don't really argue often, we love each other but give each other plenty of space. its like a balance of the other two phases. so i guess im just wondering, has anyone else gone through that? what are your thoughts?
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@HomerBundy (1327)
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2 Nov 06
the let down phase happened a few times...i guess we just got bored of each other...either i got bored of her, or vice versa...its really hard to stay connected with someone on multi levels...and you can't force it... sounds like your current relationship is working out...i suppose not all successful relationships have to go through the same phases...not everyone has a honeymoon phase...