my mother

December 9, 2006 10:18am CST
It happened so fast…in a small seemingly insignificant moment…it flickered, left behind a lingering scent and then it left. Even when the moment’s gone, I sat there wondering what it was that hit me…and wondered where the thought came from. It was too sudden. I looked at my mother again as she sat there calmly with her cup of tea. Mother. This is the mother who raised me, nagged me, worried about me, ironed my clothes for me, showed me she is always there for me in ways so silent yet memorable. She’s growing old. Older and older every day. As I sit here thinking about her growing old, so am I. One fine day, she’ll be gone…this is fact that I don’t always think about because it’s painful but it’s the truth. One day, she WILL be gone and one fine day, so will I. Sometimes you don’t see the impact your mother have on you until you are struck, like me, by a significant moment. You never asked to be reminded that your mother is growing old. In fact, I thought my mother would always be with me and for me…every single day of my life. Denial? Yes, it was. A mother’s job is never ending and even as I sit here chastising my sons for fighting over a ball they never played with before this, she’s still watching over me, being a mother to me. She will be my mother for the rest of her life, hence, her job is never quite over because she will continue to worry about me when I am sick or when something unfortunate happens to me. She doesn’t stop being a mother just because I am a mother now. In fact, the extent of her worry is larger now – being a mother to a mother of two boisterous kids…that can’t be easy. As I sat there watching her sip her cup of tea, I wondered how many wrinkles on her face am I responsible for – I probably caused 70% of those wrinkles with all the frowning I must have made her do. She’s growing old and so am I. over the years, I haven’t done much to show her how much I truly care for her and appreciate her for being there when no one else would. But I know that from now on, I will do everything I can to make sure she feels and knows that I love her in every sense of the word. If you’re lucky enough to have your mother with you today, give her a call now and tell her you love her. You don’t know when you will be robbed of the chance to do so.
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