Does anyone know what's wrong with this world today ???

@Nahara (1673)
December 9, 2006 10:27am CST
There's no humanity left I only hear about greed, jelaousy or see drugs addict, hunger why can't we all accept each other the way that we are, our world is getting out of hand and people out of their minds and noone cares noone wants to make a change they only care about themselves (i meant the goverment)no wonder god is crying over us
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@lalav1 (1056)
• United States
11 Dec 06
The same things that have always been problems. Where do I begin? We have too many people living in poverty, too many people starving, war, pollution and prejuidice. There are so many people like movie stars, tv stars and politicians who are paid way, way too much. We have too much crime, other countries don't. We should have free medical care for everyone. We should stop killing each other. Some stars have stepped up to the plate and are donating monies to good causes and making us more aware of tragic situations around the world. We should try to actually rehabilitate and educate those in prison and help them get jobs when they are released. We should help feed our poor people, donate clothing,etc. We should help those who are poor obtain an education. We should be proactive rather then reative.
@Nahara (1673)
• Israel
11 Dec 06
U got that absolutely right but what can we do to change it, what can we do to make our beautiful world a better place to live in, all i know is that the people who can make a difference don't care about what's going on they just don't want to see the truth, Thanks for sharing your thoughts :-)