The wonders of Numerology

United Arab Emirates
December 9, 2006 11:38am CST
Can someone tell me why numbers are like magic. Try the following Exercise : 936725 -- 9+3+6+7+2+5=32=3+2=5 93+67+25=185=18+5=23=2+3=5 936+725=1661=16+61=77=7+7=14=1+4=5 936+725=1661=166+1=167=16+7=23=2=3=5 Reverse 527+639=1166=66+11=77=7+7=14=4+1=5 Keep trying this for various sequences with various numbers but alwasy follow one method the entire will still get the same answer for all. Explain this.
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• India
11 Dec 06
It is really fantastic.