Is having a pet at home a health thing?

@ru88en (2997)
December 9, 2006 1:11pm CST
What's the score of having a pet at home?
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@fly_shay (333)
• Philippines
2 Jun 07
I have a pet puppy at home.actually he's starting to get bigger. I got it when he was still 2 months old. This is my first time so at first i thought our house will be really in a big mess! but as early as that, i trained it to go out to remove its dirt and the place where he's going to i guess, now, it's pretty much easy for me to work inside the house since he's already trained. but dogs are dogs. so there are really times where he created a mess..
@howard96h (11643)
• New York, New York
18 Feb 07
I love dogs and I wish I could have one. The tenants in my apartment building are not allowed to have any pets. When ever I am able to move I want some pets. Pet's are good for peoples health, they are good companions and very loyal to you.
• United States
9 Dec 06
It's great for your health! Many studies have proven that a pet will lower a persons blood pressure. They can also be good companionship. I have 16 pets - I guess I should feel pretty healthy LOL.